Kitchen Colour Guide

Get inspired with our kitchen colour guide, showcasing our wide range of pewter cupboard handles fitted with a wide range of kitchen colours and styles.

White Kitchens

White kitchens are a great way to bring a timeless, classic style to the home. With a blank backdrop, white kitchens allow personalisation and subtle introduction of colour through accessories. The main benefit of white kitchens is their ability to create the illusion of spacious, bright rooms where perhaps natural light and space is lacking.  

Neutral tones such as crisp whites and pearly ivory truly highlight the stunning warm tones of natural pewter to bring luxury and sophistication to any home. 

Creams & Neutrals

Cream kitchens offer a neutral pallet of warming tones to the home - creating a cosy and homely feel. This style of kitchen looks stunning when paired with shaker style cupboards and wooden worktops to introduce a contemporary look. To maintain a subtle design, cream kitchens should be styled with beiges and other muted tones. Alternatively, combine with vibrant colours such as reds, blues and greens to elevate the space.

Grey Kitchens

The versatility of grey kitchens is one of the many reasons why it is loved by homeowners. Whether it be lighter shades of dove, warming shades of slate or making a statement with charcoal, the endless shades of grey allows you to bring a personalised touch to your kitchen. Grey offers a timeless and elegant style which will never go out of fashion, reassuring homeowners that their kitchen will always be on trend. 

And what better way to style your grey kitchen than with the addition of pewter cupboard handles! Featuring a stunning mid silver finish, pewter handles bring a contemporary and sophisticated feel when paired with grey hues.

Blue Kitchens

Bring depths of tranquillity to your home with the addition of blue kitchen cupboards. With many different shades to choose from including pastel, teal, electric or navy tones, blue is an extremely versatile colour which can be tailored to achieve many different styles. And what better accessory to match with your blue kitchen than our range of pewter cupboard handles

Blue is the perfect backdrop to beautifully highlight the stunning, natural tones of genuine pewter. When paired with soft pastel shades, pewter brings a complementary style to bring a warm and inviting feel to the home. Alternatively bring a striking contrast to your kitchen by combining the shimmering mid silver tones of pewter with navy cupboard doors.

Daring Red

Embrace the various shades of red to transform your kitchen. Whether it be scarlet or burgundy, introducing red cabinetry allows your kitchen to take centre stage - bringing a striking look to the home. For a softer approach, you may choose to introduce red tones through accessories, wall colour or kitchen islands. 

Two Tone Kitchens

Why limit yourself to one colour in your kitchen when you can have two? Two-tone kitchens are becoming an increasingly popular trend to introduce a unique style to the home. Many homeowners opt for complementary soft shades to bring a fresh and clean feel to the home.

Colour blocking is also an option for two-tone kitchens - allowing homeowners to introduce vibrant, daring colours with the contrast of a neutral shade for a softer, balanced look.

For those who wish to introduce darker colours such as navy blue, black, charcoal or forest green into your kitchen but have a lack natural light within the room, two-tone kitchens enables you pair these darker shades with whites and creams to create a light and airy space.

The versatility of pewter allows the material to bring an abundance of character and charm when combined with any colour cabinetry - making our pewter cupboard handles the ideal accessory for two-tone kitchens.

Rustic Wooden Kitchens

Taking inspiration from Nordic and Scandinavian styles, rustic wooden kitchens are perfect for introducing natural textures and tones into your home. Wooden kitchens are perfect for homes looking to achieve a rustic and authentic look bring depths of character and personality to the home. 

Pairing our handmade pewter cupboard handles with this style of kitchen only enhances the authenticity of the design due to pewters beautiful natural finish.