Door Handles: Rose vs Backplate

When specifying lever handles or door knobs for your home there are many options to consider, one being backplate style. There are typically types of handles to consider - door handles on backplate or door handles on rose. 

Door Handles on Backplate

Featuring a rectangular backplate, door handles on backplate are a popular choice in traditional properties and contemporary homes due to their classic and timeless style. This type of door handle is typically available in four variations - latch, bathroom, key lock and euro lock - to incorporate various locking functions within the backplate. Therefore, this type of handle only requires one locking mechanism to operate both the handle and the lock. Door handles on backplate are also great for covering any unsightly marks from pre-existing hardware. 

At Finesse Design, we offer two types of backplates. Our standard range of doors handles features a narrow rectangular backplate measuring 150mm x 48mm. Alternatively, our jesmond range of door handles offers a wider backplate of 150mm x 65mm.

View our range of lever handles and door knobs on backplate below:

Door Handles on Rose

Door handles on rose are typically available in two shapes - round or square. This type of handle is a great addition to modern properties looking to bring an elegant and minimalistic look to the home. Typically used for internal passage doors, door handles on rose can also be combined with escutcheons for locking applications or thumbturn sets for bathrooms.

View our range of lever handles and door knobs on rose below: